Wednesday, 4 June 2008

New Book about Confederados in Santarem

One of the most interesting historical events that happened in my hometown was the arrival of the American Confederates in 1800's.

Jennings, Waughons, Hemmingtons, Rikers and several other families arrived here in a search of a better life than the one they ended up having after the American Civil War.
I now have the chance to learn more about it working with Jennifer Davis, an american writer from Alabama.
She lived in Rio de Janeiro some ten years ago and on the 14th she is arriving for a ten day staying in Santarem.
During her quite short staying with us, she will be visiting Bosque Santa Lucia with Steven Alexander, and I wil be leading her to Taperinha, Pajussara and a few descendants homes for short interviews.
I think such books place Santarem well in the world history stage. Read more about her at

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Von said...

Hello, good moorning!
My name is Gerardo Monteiro Filho, 47 years old and live in Belém do Pará, Brazil. My family is Wanghon-Jennings (the correct name is Vaughan-Jennings) of Santarém-PA. My mother is Irene Wanghon Monteiro and she live in Santarém, now with 79 years old.
I have a blog
about Confederados in Santarém and i`d like to know how i do to receiver one book about Confederados in Santarém?
My english is not good but ì will try to do contacto with you. Could you send-me a information about this?