Friday, 6 June 2008


The first times I took Ayahuasca I was living in Peru. A shaman came all the from Puerto Maldonado to shamanise us up the Tambopata river. I include these experiences amongst the most fascinating in my life. I had a chance to take twice more with a local shaman and good friend of mine called Paulo Brasil. There were only myself and Guga, a ultra-super conservative friend of mine who works for the air-force. When you in Alter do chão and see this sign, follow in!! Your soul deserves it.


Isaac said...

I dronk ayahuasca 3 times, i guess it really changed my life, i had good reveletions

indiosbrasil said...

I work with Ayahuasca! That isn't just a simple tea. that is a new been who has many things to teach us ! It is a messenger from the nature that we have to understand and translate to the world.
This tea changed many people and the tea is working to change our perception of reality too. My futher and me will cook Ayahuasca next week. That is a especial ritual that we can felling a special energy from nature. Hey gil! come in with us !!! we can speak more about evrithing that is happening.

se you soom.

Indios Brasil

Steven Alexander said...

Didn't know that you had all these positive experiences with the tea. Now I know why you appreciate seeing chacrona and mariri at the Bosque. I'll send some pixes of my plants.