Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Numberland

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I am eager to get my second Alex Bellos' book copy. I had the privilege to read his first one(Futebol: The brazilian way of life) when travelling with him up the Rio Negro. Beto Villares was also in the 10 day-trip and he was about to realease his debut album solo. Add to that his five amazing mates and a wondeful crew. The atmosphere was just terrific!

This how Alex let us know about The Numberland:

I have a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy from Oxford.

After a decade and a half in journalism I decided to return to maths - and the result is Alex’s Adventures in Numberland.

It’s an attempt to use reportage and history to bring maths alive for the general reader.

I flew around the world - to India, Japan, the US and Europe - in order to see maths in action. It was a lot of fun, and I met lots of amazing people.

The book is being published by Bloomsbury in the UK in April, by The Free Press in the US in June and translation rights have already been bought by five other countries.

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