Tuesday, 12 January 2010

A letter with excellent shots from a brazilian birder

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Dear William

I am glad you had a chance to get the little book, I am even happier
to learn it you found it useful.

I also appreciate the pictures you sent. The banded booby reminded
the day i saw a brown pelican near my house!!!! it thrilled me.

What I meant with the term is that large parrots and monkeys are
killed for the meat, people dont normally shoot sall ones, and thay
also collect the babies which they sell and buy more bullets.

My next trip will be to photograph the rare lear's macaw, Hyacinth
macaws and golden parakeets. It will take us 12 days in april.

wish me luck

all the best and many thanks for you nice letter

gil serique

ps i also attached two books that i contributed actually one is
credited to me that you may want to read

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