Sunday, 28 January 2018

TA new review

Our cruise took us to Santarém and we wanted to make the very best of our trip to the Amazon. I researched other reviews and e-mailed Gil. He and his team are absolutely amazing and the enthusiasm, especially Gil’s, is beyond all bounds. Each sighting produces an effect as though this was Gil’s first time. We saw pink dolphins, many different birds and sloths in trees but the latter were high up and visible as a grey ball. All of a sudden, Gil dived into the Amazon, clearly unafraid of piranhas and headed to a tree with a three toed sloth on a lower branch. He carefully unwrapped the little fellow and brought it aboard. He showed us and then carefully returned the little fellow to his branch. Anyone heading to Santarém would be so much better with Gil than any ship excursion.

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