Sunday, 7 January 2018


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Reviewed yesterday
We booked our tour over 12 months in advance originally thinking that we had a private tour booked. But over the months through various contacts we discovered that Gil also accepts other bookings at the same time on the same day. Oh well we thought as long as there aren't too many people it will be okay.
On the day of the Tour we had our group of 12 and had identified 10 others from our ship we thought yes 22 that's fine. When we all finally met up the group was actually 26.
BUT THAT IS OKAY STILL ... Gils boat can hold probably 40 people, There are 2 decks and all 26 of us were quite comfortable on the upper deck with no one on the lower deck, there is plenty of room. DO NOT BE PUT OFF BY NEGATIVE REVIEWS this man is incredible.
We were met at the dock gate by Gil himself, he directed us to a Bus for a short ride to where his boat was tied up. In the bus he explained what we were going to see with passion, once on the boat he did not disappoint. We cruised along the river to the point the two systems met and the difference in water color was amazing, then we headed off up a smaller river and saw PINK DOLPHINS at the mouth, along the way we saw water buffalo, Cows, horses etc and all the time we had a running commentary from Gil who was just as excited as we were when he spotted a new bird or animal. Eventually we disembarked into smaller boats for a closer look at the wildlife and saw many birds and a 3 toed Sloth. After cruising around in the small boats for some time we re boarded Gils main boat and returned to port and our ship.
We had an amazing day with a man who is very very passionate about his Amazon and its wildlife.

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