Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Most deforested municipalities

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This may give anyone a good idea how catastrophic the current situation is. A few days ago I flew over to check with Dr. Erik Jennings, member of the Green Party, the municipalities of Santarem and Belterra(not included in this list). I got extremmely terrified with the situation.
For images we got from the check check: (you may need to copy and paste)


Município Deforested area (Km2)
Altamira 129,9
Alto Boa Vista (MT) 84,7
Novo Progresso 69,3
Itaituba 25,3
Bom Jesus do Araguaia (MT) 23,2
São Félix do Xingu 19,6
Ulianópolis 19,4
Cumaru do Norte 12,9
Dom Eliseu 12,2

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