Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Floods in the Amazon

Human beings seem most suffers during rarely high rainy season. If I think of the village that I spent my happy childhood in, It is O.K. If your village is not on the top of a hill, you get sort of. - We have a problem.

If you live in the Amazon Floodplain, which represents only 5% of the entire region, and people would have a harmonious relationship in nature but the scene is water buffalo herds, increasing fishing boat fleet, hunting and bird traffic. You say fucked!

If you run a business in town and your shop is flooded you verbalize the same, unless you sell water pumps. That business is not in the hands of the Jew families.

I am a guide, I live in an old house just by the river, just like in my childhood. I see the sunrise, moonrise, dolphins and birds from my window. There is no way I am happy with. But I am happy!!! wildlife have more of its plenitude!!! Pictures turning out better is a bonus.

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