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Jay Graydon & Randy Goodrum

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Dear Mr. Serique,
my apologies for this unsolicited e-mail, but I just noticed that you like STEELY DAN and thought that you might be interested in checking out the latest album by JaR (Jay Graydon and Randy Goodrum - SCENE 29, which has a similar style to STEELY DAN, albeit totally their own.

I represent JAY GRAYDON - a music industry veteran, internationally renowned, with many hits over the years. He is a Los Angeles top songwriter, recording artist, guitarist, producer, arranger, engineer, and more - twice Grammy awarded with 12 top five Grammy finalist nominations, among them are for instance the winning R&B songs AFTER THE LOVE HAS GONE (also nominated SONG OF THE YEAR) and TURN YOUR LOVE AROUND and the nominations for e.g. the prestigious title "Producer of the Year" as well as a Grammy top five finalist nomination for "Best Engineered Recording". More info at

Jay recently teamed up with highly acclaimed songwriter, hit maker, lifelong friend and colleague - RANDY GOODRUM (Nashville, TN) and they are now working together as the new supergroup - JaR Their first album as JaR - SCENE 29 - released Oct. 1, 2008, is a melodic masterpiece with songs across the board - a mixture of JAZZ, POP, R&B, AC and AOR. At this point they are busy writing new material for the second JaR album.

Jay and Randy are covering all the instruments and vocals, all the composing, performing, engineering, mixing; in other words the full production work. The musical concept is totally new, yet slightly familiar to anyone into the Steely Dan sound, as the songs build on a similar formula with complex jazz-influenced chord structures, that are pleasant to the ear with unexpected musical twists, as well as apt, fun and innovative lyrics.

Sound bites available here

Video available here

The album is getting raving reviews. A few quotes from other musicians after having listened to the songs on this new album:

"You guys have taken the torch from Steely Dan and have run miles and miles ahead" - Steve Lukather

"JaR's new album, Scene 29, is gonna' be one of those albums that you can gauge your "I'm Hip" quotient by how much earlier you've heard it than your friends. I think this album will eventually be considered the flagship of the new music. The new music is what is created after the "suits" gave up on the "biz". Anyway, I've known these guys for years and I had no idea that this stuff was in there. Well, now it's out here and we're all happy about it. Man, it's rare to play an album and still have your heart racing an hour later, especially someone else's album. Good work, guys." - Bill Champlin

"Finally some great vocalists and fantastic musicians doing incredible songs. What a welcome sight in todays music scene. There's nothing like it anywhere out there. Thanks guys." - Bobby Kimball

"I use to compare everything recorded in the past 20 years to Donald Fagen's "The Nightfly". Now there's a new industry standard for music, and it's called ... "JaR"! Jay's astounding guitar wizardry and Randy's stunning keyboard prowess is the crux of a project filled with brilliant complex harmonic compositions, ear candy smooth vocal performances, and thick transparent sounding mixes. This is soon to be "legendary" recording!" - Tom Hemby

In closing I thank you for your time and hope you will find this info interesting.

Kerstin - Personal Assistant/Webmaster to Jay Graydon / Senior VP of Sonic Thrust Records

A brief overview on JAY GRAYDON's career:
Being a first call studio guitarist for nearly 3 decades, he has so many interesting stories and educational stuff to share from the late 60s in the recording studios, e.g. during the glorious Motown era in the heyday of quality music releases, leading on to how people work in the studios in this era.

Jay Graydon was known to have the first pedal board used in the LA studios and between the late 60s and the late 70s Jay played on practically every "A" list session in Los Angeles, acquiring a glowing reputation as an ace studio guitarist/solo specialist on numerous albums with all the major artists of the era; Miracles, Marvin Gaye, Supremes, Diana Ross, The Jackson Five, Four Tops, Syreeta, Eddie Kendricks, Barbara Streisand, Dolly Parton, Cheap Trick, Christopher Cross, Ray Charles, Cher, Joe Cocker, Hall & Oates, Olivia Newton-John, and Albert King just to name a few.

On account of Jay's very long experience as a musician as well as being a top rated Grammy nominated recording engineer, he has been called in as a consultant/beta tester of music gear a number of times by leading music equipment developers, such as LINE 6, ERNIE BALL, NEVE, PLANET WAVES, RIVERA, ADAT recorders and many other Alesis products. He has been using vintage synths dating back to the early 70s and been doing the samples for the Alesis HR 16B, SR 16, D4, Alesis Quadra and more.

Jay Graydon was e.g. hired as consultant for the ALESIS MASTERLINK and his Bebop album came about when needing to beta test the ALESIS M20 Pro ADAT format. Since a pro digital recorder format of the era, Jay decided it was best to record a real band that included a wide range of frequencies (upper frequency information such as cymbals) and dynamics as to note how the "analog to digital/digital to analog converters" sounded.

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