Tuesday, 24 February 2009

On the River by Gil Serique

Chapter something

(Piranhas, Sting ray and Candiru)

If you ask anyone here what water animal we fear most sting rays will be your answer. You will never find a boat named after the flat fish.

The common and rare species in various genera of sting rays in the Amazon Basin are related to species from the Pacific Ocean, keeping on the surface the idea that the Amazon River was flowing into the mentioned ocean.

The culprit of this relatively new relation with the Atlantic was the Andes.

Books mention Candiru, a needle-shaped fish to be so curious that gets into any orifice humans have. Scientific literature says the same with different words.

I never saw or heard from a confident source such embarrassing and painful story. They name boats and the only floating Police Station is after Candiru as well.

It is a message to drug smugglers that never bother breaking the bottle to read it.

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