Tuesday, 24 February 2009

On the River by Gil Serique

Chapter IV
I set foot on a cruise ship when I was a teenager. I was taken by
Flavio, my older brother who bequeathed my father's name who was in
the tour business for four years already.
From outside I had been curious to watch them. Cruise ships were a
major trigger of my imagination after birds.
She was quite luxurious and reminded me the hotel my brother was
working for which almost made me think she was frigid.
Everything a large cruise ship has today but an internet café she had.
My English was good enough to get along and a crew member took me on a
tour. I was taken into restaurants, casinos, closed shops, pool bars,
fitness center you name.
Either the restaurant or the library was named after an anonymous to
me. Decks were numbered up to eleven. At the sun deck I was told she
was some six hundred feet long, 85 feet of breadth and carried more
than 600 passengers.
I ended up left by my host in a small room equipped with
paraphernalia of electronics where I was introduced to his shipmate.
A can of beer held on his left hand made me think he had an
interesting position on the ship. I wanted to have a similar job.
Little windows gave eye access to a theater where I could see my
brother at stage presenting Sebastião Tapajos and Maestro Izoca to an
enthusiastic audience made of American and Europeans tourists. I was
very proud of my brother who was very proud of his two talented
friends. Our brief visitors freaked with the show when I freaked
behind the spotlights.

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