Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Latest My dream trip (Floodplain X)

Getting ready

My honourable guests

A baby sloth

Horned Screamers
Pink Dolphins

The Meeting of the Waters

Wattled Jacana
Savanna Hawk

Marquinho, a friend of mine I met during a fishing mission


Toco Toucan

A male sloth

A pregnant three-toed sloth

A juvenile three toed sloth

Another pregnant sloth

Our boat
Just got home after a very successful of what I call My dream Trip! Amazing views of King Vultures, sloths, hoatzing, Pink Dolphins. It is rainy season and luckly during our overnight in pristine rainforest almost no one rain drop dropped. My guests were composed of a fun and highly educated and extremelly polited family from Lyon. I can not wait to see the pictures were taken by Ciryl as we plan to add some to my next version of my little wildlife book.

Thank you all who made this tour quite memorable, including Tio Celso Serique,  Marcio, Cap Edson, Loic and Pierre Herin.

Enjoy the pictures taken by Loic and myself. I am about to check the films done by camera tracks.


Gil Serique

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