Wednesday, 6 February 2013

My biography, i guess I did my homework

I was born and raised on the banks of the Tapajos River in the municipality of Santarem, Amazon, Brazil. I spent my entire childhood in immediate contact with all the wonders of the Amazon rainforest. This formative experience forged a bond with nature that I never relinquished.

I became a guide right after graduating high school. From1984-1986, I worked as a tour guide for Varig Airlines' world-famous Tropical Hotel Santarem, then as a bilingual reservations agent for Varig Airlines in Maceio, on the northeastern coast of Brazil. While working there, I was acclaimed in Bobby Schenk´s book, Segeln im Reich der Sturme.  In 1989 I joined the first demonstration against the construction of Hydro-electric dams on various rivers in the Amazon.  Soon after that I retrurned home to Santarem. 
Over the next ten years, I organised private and scientific expeditions on the Tapajos River, the Amazon Floodplains, and the Rio Negro. I continuted working as a guide for Varig´s travel agency, associated with the Tropical Hotel and other lodges.  I was also a naturalist/ lecturer on several cruise ships; M/S Explorer, M/S Lyubov Orlova, and M/S Mercury.  In addition, I guided for The Center for Preservation of Indigenous Art, Culture and Sciences in Alter do Chao.

From1996 to 2002, I worked as Field Director of the Hyacinth Macaw Research Project for The Wildlife Conservation Society (founded in 1895 as the New York Zoological Society).  My first year there, I  helped establish the Amazon Basin's single richest wildife site, The Manu Wildlife Center in southern Peru. I then began conducting increasing numbers of eco-tours to various conservatories in Brazil; Itatiaia National Park (RJ), Iguassu National Park (PR), Quebrangulo and Muruci Reserves (AL), Mamiraua Ecological Station, and all over northern and southern Pantanal.  I led an expedition for the University of Quebec that shed light on the ecological impact of using mercury to mine gold in the Brazilian Amazon.  

Since graduating high school, I have been virtually self-taught.  My late brother, Flavio Serique, taught me English which I expanded on through my extensive guiding experience and reading novels based on expeditions that I led.  Together, he and I participated in the Kota Mama Expedition organised by The Scientific Exploration Society, which resulted in John Blasford Snell´s book East to the Amazon.  One of the tours I led was chosen by The Guardian as “one of the best in Latin America.”  I am also a recommended guide in Footprints, Trip Wolf, Lonely Planet, Cruise Critic, and Trip Advisor.
I am specialized in bird identification and ecology.  In 2007, I pubished my first book, Your Personal Guide to Amazon Wildlife. I am currently writing my latest book on Birds of the Amazon, and assisting Joe Jackson on his book about the Amazon Gold Rush.  Other books I have collaborated on include; Joe Jackson´s The Thief at the End of the World, Greg Grandin’s The Rise and Fall of Henry Ford’s Forgotten Jungle Town, Andrew Blackwell’s Visit Sunny Chernobyl, Dan Dubowitz´s Megalomania, and Papageien der Welt by Matthias Reinschmidt and Karl–Heinz Lambert.  I have contributed texts and photographs to various magazines and books, including  The Ecologist, GEO and the cover of Dr. Mark Hines’ book, Jungle Marathon. Alan Dean Foster (author of Star Trek, Star Wars, and Alien) dedicated his book, The Drowning World, to me. He also mentioned me in another book, Predators I Have Known (2011).
I worked for Discovery Channel on the isolated ZoĆ© People, ABC, BBC, NDR, Channel 7 on the Suruwara tribe, the Dan Rather Report concerning current environmental issues, led British Museum trips for their Unknown Amazon exhibit, and . I have helped create various videos including The Earth Song by Michael Jackson and Atlantic Rising by Cambridge University.  My latest projects were with the Belgium TV´s Hungaria Hotel (Bartel’s Beard) and the Dutch VPRO’s O’Hannlons Helden.  Both series will be aired in the next few months. 
I currently reside in beautiful Alter do Chao, outside of Santarem, and continue to guide organized tours,  host travellers and guests, and host the Jolly Dolly Festival , to raise awareness of humanity´s eco-footprint through art and protest.  After the birth of my beloved daughter Flora, two years ago, I moved here from the city to raise my family.  While I am not working, I love to windsurf, or relax in my hammock overlooking the Amazon River and Jungle, the home to which I owe this wonderful life. 

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