Sunday, 6 January 2013

Aida Private tour 18. February 2013


The group of maxim 15 people will be pick up by a a/c van at the port. We drive along the city coast to get to our boat docked at Richard Hennington pier in Down town. That gives participants to take a glimpse of Santarem. We then head to the meeting of the waters and Maica river mouth for Pink Dolphin watching.

Maica river area is one of the most scenicplaces in the Amazon and it is also nice site for birdwatching. As the water is low, we drop off the boat for a small hike. Fishing can as well be done. There will be fish tidbits, nuts, fresh fruit and bottled drinks being served during the tour.

After enjoying Maica river and its abundant wildlife we shall visit the village of Alter do chao, chosen by The Guardian as one of the most beautiful places in Brazil. Here we can swim in the warm water of the Tapajos river or just relax enjoying beers, caipirinhas or fresh fruits.

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By the way I speak some German but not enough to run the tour sorry, so most of the time I will be speaking English.

Delicious Pirarucu tidbit

The atmosphre on the boat

Three-toed sloth

Alter do chao

View from my place at Alter do chao

View from my place at Alter do chao

Three-toed sloth at Maica

Sapucaya nut, Brazil Nuts, Pineapple on the table

Our own bird guide being used during the tour

Water bufalos

Pink dolphin

Docked at Richard Hennington in Downtown Santarem

During our hike in a forest island at Maica

Our spacious boat and tidbits

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Anonymous said...

Nos estamos tambem neste dia com a Aida em Santarem,
Para nos parece seu tour vai ser maravilhoso. para bems

ate agora nos nao decidimos, que tour nos vamos fazer