Tuesday, 11 December 2012

AIDA - SHORE EXCURSION on Dec. 24th Santarem

We shall be running an amazing tour for passengers on Aida on the next December 24th. We have still room for 4 people.  A basic tour description is below. Dont hesitate to contact and ask for more details.
Gil Serique


At Belterra

Rubber Tapper

At Tapajos National Forest

LBA tower

Alter do chao
drive south from the port to KM67(40 mn) where we will visit my grand-parents former place, currently The Tapajos National Forest. Here we also visit a tower built by Nasa, so you have the privilege to see the various levels of rainforest. We hike for 1h30m in rainforest.  After we eat or maybe before we hike back to the van (with a/c) to drive by Belterra, the second city founded by Henry Ford in the Amazon. From here we drive to Alter do chao one of the best beaches according to The Guardian, here we have a few drinks in my place(located in the best place in the village) we then drive back to the port.

We can always visit the market but in Dec. the water will be too low so we can not see the dolphins, I would just skip it then. We still can drive through the city if time allows; The time is perfect actually!!
The cost includes bottled drinks, cashew nuts, brazil nuts, fresh fruit, fish tid bits and crackers. The price is U$120 per person, max ten people.

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