Monday, 28 February 2011

Seabourn Odyssey I

This time we decided to experience pristine Rainforest(Terra Rica my granddaddy's place, The Fordian Belterra, the beautiful Alter-do-chao and my dear friend Saba.
SEABOURN ODYSSEY!! Thank you so much mates!!

Hi Gil

We would like to say a big thank you for 2 of the most wonderful days we have ever spent ashore from a cruise ship. We lovedddddd! every minute of it. You were so knowledgeable, entertaining and funny and we are still smiling today. A few photos you may like to see are attached. People on the ship have asked how we managed to be so few on our boat and they were so many - you remember we passed 2 or 3 Seabourn tourists boats. We have told so many people on board about our super guide and the days you planned for us.

We have already looked on Amazon to buy the books you were involved with and hopefully these will arrive in England when we arrive home.

Thank you again - we just loveddddd it.

Kind regards

David and Mary
Seabourn Odyssey as she departs from Santarem

A tree taken by moss in the Tapajos National Forest.

She again docked at Santarem port
Exploring pristine rainforest
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An amazing fungi farm in the Tapajos Nationa forest.
Mary barred by a fallen tree in the Tapajos National forest
Mary and Dave posing in front of a ceyba tree(kapok) that my older brothers used to play hide & seek.

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Fallen tree on our way in the Tapajso National forest
Sapucaya nuts, Brazil nuts and a timid pineapple
Gladys and Mary visiting Belterra
Alter do chao

Brazil nuts

Aguinaldo aka Capixaba, Dave and me
Rolland and Gladys when exploring the Tapajos National forest
Kid getting ready for a horse riding in the Amazon

Saba, who belongs to a third generation of rubber tappers

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