Saturday, 13 November 2010

Less wind in the Amazon, less water too, less forest

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Officially rainy season started today. Well I did not hear yet Black-bellied-tree ducks flying over the river at night, when I do it then it is official!!

The fact is that this dry season I windsurfed a lot less than last year. I remember that my 45th birthday party took 12 days. This year only 8 days. I hated it.
Well, I had a lot less friends asking to help them launch their kitesurf and that is good, no complaints!

Last year my sail was 6.5m. This year 7.5 and now a 8.2m.

There is got to be something wrong in the Amazon. The extremes are getting more extreme and as a windsurfer i paid the price. that is totally unfair.

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