Monday, 20 September 2010

About Saba's family (part I)

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This is the story of Saba’s family. He met his wife Lina at the village that he was born. One day they decided to live together and they also decided to move to a tiny little piece of land at Maica River at the floodplain east of Santarem.

They would be closer to Santarem giving them access to comercialize their produces and also to get limited schooling to his children-to-come.

I met him when I was taking some tourist to explore the floodplain by canoe, he was fishing. We became good friends and partners in many adventures that we shared in twenty-two year time.

One year after I met Saba his first son was born and named after him. Saba himself held his daddy’s name who was named after San Sebastian.

Saba and Lina had moved right across the river where the land was higher than his previous site(see picture). They took everything they had in no more than two canoe loads. It took then only fifteen minutes to go across. Paddling back with the empty canoe and down the river took him five minutes normally, excitement turn the sort trip even shorter.

Saba and Lina cleared the area where they were supposed to farm fast growing crops like vegetables and water-melon, a few years later his son was already playing with mommy and daddy in the garden.

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