Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Brazil New Forest Code

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The New Forest Code forgives whom deforested hill slopes and springs until July 2008. Those responsible are free to pay a fine for the damage.

In other words "Do you remember those eco-crimes you committed? Well, forget about it.!!!"

Under the proposal approved, the area of preservation of rivers with up to five meters in width gets smaller. The minimum distance between planting and the river drops from 30 to 15 meters.

In Other words: "Do you remember those eco-crimes you committed? They were not actually crimes, go ahead and do more.

Another point that has generated protests from environmentalists was the decision to release some properties to maintain a preserved area, which today is required by law. With the new code, in some states, all land up to 400 hectares will be used for farming.
In other words: In other words, you can chop off that little slice of forest in your property as well.

Conclusion: Wildlife and biodiversity under even more threat.

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