Monday, 21 June 2010

Hanna and her friend and their Brazilian Exp.

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I had a brief visit: Hanna and her friend. Too bad! no time for a drink but we chatted enough to learn she is quite cool...Below you read some(only some) of her experiences in my country. And if you have decided already to visit Brazil she means GO 4 IT!!
Don't you Hanna?

Get yourself a drink and get tangled on her words at:

So, we took our boat trip from Manaus to SantarĂ©m. 29 hours on a boat! We were warned of poor hygiene, awful food and an overall unromantic trip (according to Lonely Planet, the ship stays in the same small path in the middle of the river, far away from the bank). So, we brought several liters of water (to drink, brush our teeth, wash our hands …), lots of fruit and vegetables (emptied our medicine boxes to put chilis, spring onions and garlic in there to spice up anything on our plates) and a whole packet of wet cloths (so as to wipe our hands anytime we touched anything).

It wasn´t that bad, we actually loved the boat trip! It was a smallish boat, three decks, and just enough space from one railing to another to put up a hammock. We immediately ran to the top deck (Lonely Planet tip) and started to put up our hammocks at one end. We got there three hours early (so we could buy all the stuff at the Mercado across the street) so there weren´t that many people there yet, but it quickly filled. Hammock upon hammock, and some (it was true!) even across one another. "...fortunately", the most ??? guy of the whole boat spotted us and insisted on putting his hammock in between ours. We barely prevented that, and he just stayed right next to me :-( . He was really...Gorgeous?? (LOL)

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