Monday, 20 April 2009

Amazon Jolly Trip

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Hi Gil

Hope you are well. We are finally back in London after having a wonderful time on the rest of our trip. I have uploaded most of our amazon photos to picasso and hopefully this email comes with a link to the photos. I have sent these to Marco as well. Unfortunetly I am back to work again on Tuesday, time has just flown ... but we have wonderful memories and stories to share!!!!

Hope all well

Group pix
Tapajos national Forest
Tapajos National Forest
At Terra Rica (Tapajos National Forest)
Posing at BR163
On Amazon Floodplain
On the Tapajos River
At Maica Lake
Maica Lake
Swimming after jumping
Jumping before swimming
The world in your arms
Chilling in hammocks
Three-toed Sloth
Maica lake

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